Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games - Updated April, 2023 (2023)

Best Android Games/Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games – Updated April, 2023

Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games - Updated April, 2023 (1)

ByArthur Brown

April 26, 2023

We all like games that test our fingers, but what about games that test our brains? For those times you want to stretch your minds, there are trivia games. These games are chock full of interesting questions and facts that you may or may not know.

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There are a bunch of trivia games out there that get the gears turning, and some really make a unique experience out of it. They can either have you test your knowledge in solo rounds or they can pit you against opponents.

If you’re in the mood to kickstart your brain cells, then you’re in luck.Here are 10 of the best triviagames on Android.

Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games – April 2023

Here is a quick overview of the games on this list. It outlines the download price and the price range of in-app purchases.


GameDownload CostIn-app cost (per item)
Train your Brain. Memory GamesFree$7.99
Live Math CompetitionsFreeNo
4 Pics 1 WordFree$0.99 – $49.99
TRIVIA STAR Quiz Games OfflineFree$0.99 – $199.99
Jingle Quiz: logo music triviaFree$1.99 – $19.99
QuizefyFree$0.99 – $99.99
Trivia MadnessFreeNo
Fun Frenzy TriviaFree$0.99 – $49.99
Daily Bible TriviaFree$0.99 – $79.99
How ManyFreeNo

Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games – April 2023

Now, here are all of the games with just a bit more information on them. As always, it’s best to download apps only from the Google Play Store or other official vendors.

Train your Brain. Memory Games

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $7.99
  • Size: 46MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5

This is the game for you if you’re looking to sharpen your brain with some fun activities. The thinking behind this game is that these mentally stimulating games can help train your mind so that you can remain mentally sharp.

There are a ton of games that challenge your ability to remember different things. They’re not only helpful, but they’re also fun to play. They’re designed to test different aspects of your memory, so if you think that you need help in that department, then you should give this app a try.

It’s free to download and play, but if you want to get the full experience, then you’ll have to pay a one-time payment of$7.99. That’s a good price for all that you’re getting.


Download Train your Brain. Memory Games

Live Math Competitions and Lea

Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games - Updated April, 2023 (2)

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  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: No
  • Size: 35MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.0 stars out of 5

If you’re looking to exercise your math skills compete against other math wizards, then look no further! This is a game that centers around letting you practice and sharpen your math skills. You’ll be given all types of math questions to solve and practice with.


This app really shines when you want to challenge others. After you’ve gathered enough coins, you’ll be able to enter challenges against friends or other people on the internet and put your math skill to the test.

In order to earn these coins, all you have to do is use the app. There are no in-app purchases, and that’s good news to most people.

Download Live Math Competitions

4 Pics 1 Word

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $0.99 – $49.99
  • Size: 78MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

This is a game that’s been around for a while, so most people into trivia games should know about it. For each level, you’ll see four pictures. The four pictures will be associated with one word, and it’s up to you to figure out what that word is. You can zoom into the pictures to get a better look at them. As you play through the levels, you’ll earn coins that you can use to buy hints.


There are ads in the game that pop up at about every other level. However, if you want to get rid of them, you’ll only need to pay $1.99.

4 Pics 1 Word

TRIVIA STAR Quiz Games Offline

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $0.99 – $199.99
  • Size: 127MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5

Trivia Star is great if you want a simple trivia experience offline. A Just like most other trivia games, you’re given questions with multiple-choice answers, and you need to answer them correctly to progress. Each round will start off with easy questions, and they will get harder as you go.

When you start a round, you’ll be able to pick from three randomly chosen categories. If you don’t like the selection, you’ll have the ability to re-roll and get three new options. Just know that this costs diamonds, and they are the game’s premium currency.

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Unlike most other games, Trivia Star does not require an Internet connection to play. This is a major plus for some people.

Download TRIVIA STAR Quiz Games Offline

Jingle Quiz: logo music trivia

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $1.99
  • Size: 33MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5

So, you think that you know all of the jingles of your favorite companies? Well, Jingle Quiz is here to challenge that. This is an app that presents you with the jingle or theme song to popular companies and products out there. You’re presented with multiple choices, and you need to pick the right one.


The thing about this game is that it only plays enough of the jingle to give you an idea of the product. You won’t hear the company’s name in the sample at all, so it’ll be up to you to guess what the company is. It’s a fun game to play if you want a different kind of trivia game.

Download Jingle Quiz: logo music trivia


  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $0.99 – $99.99
  • Size: 37MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5

Quizefy is your standard trivia game that has a plethora of different topics. Like other trivia games, you’ll choose which topic you want to answer questions in and start testing your knowledge.

There are a few ways to play. Single-player mode lets you answer questions and challenge your high score. If you don’t want to play alone, you can also play against another person in live 1v1 sessions.

A newly-added feature will let you invite friends into a room and set up a live trivia match with them. You can invite as many people as you want into the round.

Download Trivia Deluxe

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Trivia Madness

Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games - Updated April, 2023 (3)

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: No
  • Size: 36MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.4 stars out of 5

Trivia Madness is a game that’s pretty simple and straightforward. You’re given a slew of questions to answer, and you need to answer them correctly to move on and earn in-game money. Each round has 15 questions to answer.

What’s neat about this game is that there aren’t in-app purchases. This means that you’re able to earn everything in the game just by playing it. So, you don’t need to worry about any paywalls keeping you away from trivia fun.

Download Trivia Madness

Fun Frenzy Trivia

Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games - Updated April, 2023 (4)

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $0.99 – $49.99
  • Size: 106MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.7 stars out of 5

This game is a bit different from your run-of-the-mill trivia games. Instead of answering standard trivia questions, you’re playing a Family Feud-style game. You’re asked a question, and you’re goal is to find the most popular answers. The more popular your answer is, the more points you get. It’s a great and simple way to experience the fun of the popular game show on your phone.

Much like Family Feud, you’ll get a red “X” when you give an answer that’s not on the board. If you get three X’s, then the round is over.

You have your standard in-app currencies like premium diamonds and gold coins. You earn gold coins by playing the rounds, and you use them to buy additional rounds. You’ll use the diamonds to give you hints throughout the matches.

Download Fun Frenzy Trivia

Daily Bible Trivia

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: $0.99 – $79.99
  • Size: 106 MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.9 stars out of 5

If you’re well-read on the bible and you want to put your knowledge to the test, then you should think about getting this game. It’s a trivia game that’s made to test your knowledge of all things holy.

It’s a pretty straightforward and simple trivia game. You’ll go through several round of questions all dealing with characters and books from the bible. If you think that you can pick up a real bible for answers, you’d be mistaken. You only have 10 seconds to answer each question, so you’d better brush up beforehand.

There are in-app purchases, but they don’t get in the way of the game. You have your basic array of in-app currencies. There are gold coins and gems. You earn the coins by completing rounds, and you use them to purchase rounds. You use the gems to retry after getting a question wrong.

How Many

  • Download Cost: Free
  • In-App Cost: No
  • Size: 105MB
  • Google Play Rating: 4.1 stars out of 5

How Many is a pretty unique game. Instead of answering multiple-choice trivia questions, you’re asked questions whose answers are numerical values. While it’s preferred that you get the exact number, you can still get by if you guess the closest.

(Video) 100 QUESTION MEGA QUIZ | The best 100 general knowledge trivia questions from my first 50 videos.

This game has you and your contestants hanging over shark-infested waters. The further from the right answer you guess, the lower your rope is lowered. Your goal is to avoid being lowered into the water. If you’re lowered, but then you answer a question correctly, you’ll be raised a bit.

Download How Many


Top 10 Best Trivia Android Games - Updated April, 2023? ›

QuizUp is the ultimate trivia game app for those who love a good head-to-head chfsporallenge. With over 1,200 topics to choose from, you can test your knowledge against players from around the globe.

Are there any good trivia apps? ›

QuizUp is the ultimate trivia game app for those who love a good head-to-head chfsporallenge. With over 1,200 topics to choose from, you can test your knowledge against players from around the globe.

Can you download Trivia Crack? ›

Download the game! Warning: this game may cause an excess of fun. Please consult a professional if you notice your knowledge growing at an unusual rate. Visit for more information.

Is there another game like QuizUp? ›

The best alternatives to QuizUp are HQ Trivia, The Q, and ShowTime. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.

What are good trivia questions for adults? ›

Quiz Questions and Answers
  • What country has the highest life expectancy? ...
  • Where would you be if you were standing on the Spanish Steps? ...
  • Which language has the more native speakers: English or Spanish? ...
  • What is the most common surname in the United States? ...
  • What disease commonly spread on pirate ships?
Mar 7, 2023

How do you spice up trivia night? ›

Offer Unique Prizes

Commonly, prizes for trivia games include free drinks or gift cards. To spice things up, offer a prize that is unique. A t-shirt or hat with your logo on it or a cool new beer stein are great ways to take it to the next level.

Which app is best for quiz question and answers? ›

Socratic by Google on the App Store.

What is the best free quiz app? ›

  • Jeopardy! (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • Trivia Crack 2 (Android, iOS: Free) (Image credit: Etermax) ...
  • Psych! (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • Trivia 360 (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • Popcorn Trivia (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • SongPop 3 (Android, iOS: Free) ...
  • Kahoot (Android, iOS: Free)
Jul 20, 2021

Is there a free online trivia game? ›

DK Quiz is a virtual trivia game, where you can play solo or against your friends through thousands of free questions. Test your knowledge on a variety of subjects, such as music, history, and food, and compare your score through a leaderboard.

Is Trivia Crack available on Android? ›

Trivia Crack for Android - Download the APK from Uptodown.

Is there a Trivia Crack without ads? ›

The more picks you get, the more chests you will unblock! -Play your favorite trivia, ad-free! - Become a pro at answering tons of questions without interruptions. -Trivia Crack No Ad is the next level of trivia!

How much does Trivia Crack app cost? ›

Trivia Crack is free to download, and makes its money from a blend of advertisements and in-app purchases of spins, coins and boosts to the number of “lives” a player has.

What games are up and coming? ›

Upcoming games 2023: this year's most anticipated releases
  • Starfield - September 6 (XSX|S, PC)
  • Assassin's Creed Mirage - October 12 (PS5, XSX|S, PC, PS4, XBO)
  • Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - October 20, 2023 (PS5)
  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder - October 20, 2023 (Switch)

Is QuizUp discontinued? ›

Why Was QuizUp Shut Down? QuizUp is discontinued because the developers behind the game were unable to properly monetize the game. As a result, the cost of maintaining the game likely outstripped the revenue that its owner was able to derive.

When did QuizUp get deleted? ›

While the company admitted that the revenues were growing very well, maintaining a user base of 80 million was not profitable. On 20 January 2021, Quizup was removed from the app store, and on 21 January, Glu mobile announced the discontinuation of Quizup on 22 March 2021.

What are some fun surprising trivia questions? ›

Trivia Question: On average, what is the thing that Americans do 22 times in a day? Trivia Question: What is illegal to eat with a cherry pie in Kansas? Trivia Question: What ailment kills the most fruit flies? Trivia Question: A crossbreed between a donkey and the zebra is known as?

What are some tricky trivia questions? ›

125 Trick Questions
  • What are two things you can never eat for breakfast? ...
  • What is always coming but never arrives? ...
  • What gets wetter the more it dries? ...
  • What can be broken but never held? ...
  • What word is spelled incorrectly in every single dictionary? ...
  • What is it that lives if it is fed, and dies if you give it a drink?
May 13, 2022

Do trivia hosts get tipped? ›

We don't recommend players tipping the host directly, as it sort of looks like a bribe. However, some venues may arrange for hosts to get a cut of the tips for the night. That's between you and your venue.

What is trivia Tuesday? ›

Bringing you a weekly trivia question to test your science knowledge!

What is better than Quizizz? ›

Other important factors to consider when researching alternatives to Quizizz include time data. We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Quizizz, including Kahoot!, Mentimeter, Quizlet, and Poll Everywhere.

What's that one trivia game? ›

'What's That One' is a party trivia game where you must identify the movies, shows, characters, bands, artists, and games based on poor, silly, or ridiculous descriptions. There are 3 questions and 4 hints per card to help you figure it out.

Which is better Quizizz or kahoot? ›

Kahoot! has 2642 reviews and a rating of 4.74 / 5 stars vs Quizizz which has 506 reviews and a rating of 4.78 / 5 stars.

How to get free Quizizz answers? ›

You can do so on the Quiz Details page! Go into your library and select the quiz you want to see. On the Quiz Details page, press the show answers button to see answers.

Is there a free app like Kahoot? ›


If you are looking for free apps like Kahoot, then Quizlet is an easy and simple option. Quizlet specializes in providing learning tools, flashcards, and online quizzes. On this platform, users can create custom quizzes or choose from thousands of premade templates made by other users.

Is Quizizz still free? ›

Do students have to pay to use Quizizz? Quizizz is free for students and they do not need to pay to participate in any of the quizzes or Lessons on the platform.

What happened to the trivia game app? ›

The app officially shuttered in February 2020 when players received a cryptic notification sent to their phones: “HQ is live.

What is the world's largest trivia quiz website? ›

Sporcle is the world's largest trivia quiz website. You can take part in their quizzes or design your own, on any topic imaginable, to share with friends and family. There are thousands of quizzes on sports, geography, music, films, history, literature, television, language, science, religion, you name it.

What happened to that trivia app? ›

HQ Trivia fell apart by 2020, just two years after one of its founders, Colin Kroll, died of a fentanyl-laced drug overdose. Basically, the app itself went down in flames as quickly as it blew up.

Which is better Trivia Crack or trivia crack 2? ›

Trivia Crack 2 offers more of the same enjoyable quiz-based gameplay with a few improvements. The UI has been tweaked for modern devices, and there are a couple of new modes to work your way through when you get bored of the core gameplay.

Is trivia royale available for Android? ›

Trivia Royale: Fun Quiz Game - Apps on Google Play.

Is trivia royale on Android? ›

Trivia Royale for Android - Download the APK from Uptodown.

What happens if you don't answer in Trivia Crack? ›

The time to answer each question will be 20 seconds and you will have 36 hours to play your turn. If you do not answer within 36 hours, the turn will automatically go to your opponent, who will be notified that a question has been answered incorrectly.

How to get free games without ads? ›

Google Play Pass: Enjoy apps and games without ads or in-app purchases.

Did Trivia Crack get rid of the cards? ›

Cards are no longer published on the game: it's still possible to win gems and use current bonuses, changing and replacing cards from the gems tab in the Trivia Crack's shop; but it seems they do not create new cards any longer.

What is the latest version of Trivia Crack? ›

Trivia Crack Adventure is the newest of the Trivia Crack series, launched in 2021.

How to get free credits on Trivia Crack? ›

In the game, you will be able to get them in different ways:
  1. In the “Missions” game mode. ...
  2. Through the Premium Prize Wheel. ...
  3. In the Ranking. ...
  4. In Pick-A-Prize. ...
  5. In the Survival Ranking. ...
  6. Playing Triviatopics. ...
  7. In Treasure Mine. ...
  8. In Guess & Grab.
Jun 2, 2023

How to get free cookies on Trivia Crack? ›

How Do You Earn Cookies in Trivia Crack? Earn cookies to feed your pet by playing Classic games. You'll know which questions bring you cookies when you see a cookie next to the question. You can also get cookies by winning a Survival Mode game.

What is the new game in 2023? ›

More than 100 major video game releases are expected in 2023, from highly anticipated RPGs like Starfield, Final Fantasy 16, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, to new, mainline entries in series like Marvel's Spider-Man, Assassin's Creed, and Street Fighter, and the long-awaited return of franchises like ...

What game is #1 right now? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.MinecraftMojang Studios
2.FortniteEpic Games
3.The Sims 4Electronic Arts
4.Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveValve
16 more rows

Is HQ trivia still running? ›

On March 29, HQ Trivia resumed its daily games. While HQ has not officially announced a shutdown, it has not had a game since November 17, 2022.

Is trivia royale gone? ›

Trivia Royale came to replace QuizUp, but it fell off as quickly as it rose to fame. The game is no longer available for download and there is a simple reason behind it. The app (and the company behind it) was not making enough money to stay afloat.

What was the popular trivia app in 2014? ›

With over 1,200 topics to choose from in total, QuizUp was one of a kind among trivia apps. The game was available in different languages, so people all over the world were able to play. In May 2014, not even two years after its launch, the app had over 20 million active users already.

What game is similar to QuizUp? ›

What is the closest game to QuizUp? ›

The best alternatives to QuizUp are HQ Trivia, The Q, and ShowTime. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.

Who are QuizUp competitors? ›

We have listed more than 10 alternatives to QuizUp. You can find them below. The top competitors are: Akinator, Trivia Crack, and A Google a Day. Apart from the top ones, people also compare QuizUp with QuizBreaker, SpeedQuizzing, and Buzz!

What are good prizes for trivia night? ›

11 Great Prize Ideas For Your Next Trivia Event
  • Etsy Gift Cards. If you're looking for a more personalized option, Etsy gift cards are a great choice. ...
  • Visa Gift Cards. ...
  • Local Gift Cards. ...
  • Gift Card Links. ...
  • Movie Tickets. ...
  • Board Games. ...
  • Sports Tickets. ...
  • Charitable Donations.
Feb 23, 2023

How do you run a successful trivia night? ›

10 Tips For Hosting a Successful Trivia Night
  1. Have well written questions. You want to make sure that the questions you have strike a good balance for the audience. ...
  2. Create clear rules. ...
  3. Come prepared. ...
  4. Know your audience. ...
  5. Have good prizes. ...
  6. Have enough materials. ...
  7. Bring backup. ...
  8. Know your answers.

What are popular trivia questions? ›

General trivia questions and answers
  • Who, in 1903, was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize? ...
  • What year did the Berlin wall fall? ...
  • What is the more popular name for the portrait officially titled “La Gioconda,” painted in 1503? ...
  • What element does the chemical symbol Au stand for?
Jun 2, 2023

Who is the best at trivia in the world? ›

1) Ken Jennings. In addition to winning 74 straight Jeopardy games, smashing just about every one of the show's records in the process, this former star of the Brigham Young University quiz bowl team is also the author of Brainiac (a social history of trivia), a "trivia almanac" and Maphead.

What to get someone who likes trivia? ›

Best Trivia Gifts
  • Here's a list of the Best Trivia Gifts for the Trivia Lover in Your Life. ...
  • A Trivia Game that Matches Their Interests. ...
  • A Trivia Night on the Town. ...
  • Another Idea for Great Trivia Gifts: Themed Gift Baskets. ...
  • A Trivia Book. ...
  • A Fun Fact a Day Calendar. ...
  • Mugs, T-Shirts and More.

What is a good number of questions for a trivia game? ›

Most pen-and-paper trivia events are played in a series of 5-7 rounds, with 5-7 questions per round.

How can I be amazing at trivia? ›

5 Simple Tips on How To Improve Your Trivia Knowledge
  1. Watch Game Shows. One of the best ways to open yourself to an expansive set of facts and trivia is to watch your favorite gameshows. ...
  2. Play Different Quiz Games. ...
  3. Go Down Information Rabbit Holes. ...
  4. Play With the Question. ...
  5. Audio Books.

How many trivia questions for 1 hour? ›

I recommend 90 minutes (about the length of a movie). Each round should consist of 10 questions and each round should take about 15 minutes to get through. A 90 minute game RUN BY AN EXPERIENCED HOST would be 6 rounds of trivia (60 questions) and THAT will certainly keep the players focused and having fun!

What is a fun trivia fact? ›

More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call. In every episode of Seinfeld, there is a Superman somewhere. Most lipstick contains fish scales. 23% of all photocopier faults worldwide are caused by people sitting on them and photocopying their buttocks.

What are the hardest quiz questions? ›

10 'hardest' General Knowledge Questions
  • What is the world's smallest country?
  • What are the first three books of The Old Testament?
  • How many sides does a dodecahedron have?
  • What were the names of Henry VIII's six wives?
  • Banksy is most associated with which city?
  • What nationality was Charlie Chaplin?
Jun 2, 2020

What state has the most trivia? ›

These states are the most competitive when it comes to trivia
  • Massachusetts is home to the most competitive trivia players in America.
  • Minnesota ranks as the second most competitive state, followed by Vermont.
  • People on the East Coast are more competitive about trivia than on the West Coast.
Nov 8, 2022

Is trivia good for your brain? ›

Think of trivia like a workout for your mind. It exercises the brain's frontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for memory function. This, in turn, improves cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities.

Why is trivia good for seniors? ›

Benefits of Trivia Games

In fact, research suggests that older adults who frequently participate in intellectually and socially engaging activities exhibit higher cognitive function than those who do not. By answering questions and learning, you're improving your cognitive skills.


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