Secura French Press Coffee Makers Review (2021) (2023)

Secura French Press Coffee Makers Review (2021) (1)

How do you make coffee if there is no espresso machine, and brewing with a cezve is long and troublesome? In these situations, the French press will help you. It is one of the easiest ways to make a beverage. Unlike an expensive and large espresso machine, the French press does not take up much space in the kitchen and does not particularly affect the family budget. Is this what you were looking for? Great! You will be interested in reading the Secura French press review.

Best Secura Stainless Steel French Coffee Presses

When you need to make one or more cups of coffee quickly and without much hustle, nothing beats the French press. One of the best brands of this type of brewing appliance is Secura. We’ve gathered the best models below so that you won’t have waste time searching the Internet for info.

ParametersSecura SFP-34DSSecura SFP-50DSC
Size34 oz50 oz
Included accessories3-layered stainless steel filter;
2 stainless steel screens
3-layered stainless steel filter;
1 stainless steel screen
Dishwasher safeyesyes
Price Check Here Check Here

Secura SFP-34DS French Press Coffee Maker

Secura French Press Coffee Makers Review (2021) (4)

The French Secura SFP-34DS press is made of strong stainless steel 18/10, and has a volume of 34 ounces (1000 ml). It has a double wall, which allows it to keep the drink warm for as long as possible. The kit includes an excellent removable 3-layered filter and two additional stainless steel screens. The screens are needed to prevent the coffee grounds from falling into the cup. The plunger is easy to use and moves smoothly.

If you are looking for a reliable and inexpensive espresso machine, that can still provide a variety of delicious drinks, you will be interested to read Keurig K-Cafe review.

In addition, the French press has a safety Cool touch handle. The lid closes reliably and protects against spills. The design is concise and modern, fits perfectly into any interior. Another advantage of French press Secura SFP-34DS is the choice of color. This type of kitchen appliance is sold on Amazon in 11 different shades. Moreover, all of its parts can be washed in a dishwasher.

  • The high quality of the materials
  • Excellent shock resistance
  • Compactness
  • The coffee stays hot for more than 20 minutes
  • Good filtration
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A moderate price
  • The variety of shades
  • There are no volume labels
  • Troublesome plunger dipping is possible

Secura SFP-50DSC French Press (1500 ml)

Secura French Press Coffee Makers Review (2021) (5)

The inside and outside of this unit are made of 18/10 first-class stainless steel. Double walls allow it to keep the warmth of the drinks for a long time. A capacity of 50 ounces (1500 ml) allows you to brew coffee for 10 or 12 cups simultaneously! The French press is equipped with a durable 3-layered filter system and a stainless steel screen. Unlike paper filters, the stainless steel filter layer gives the beverage a richer taste.

Thanks to the Cool touch handle, you can easily pick the press up and pour. Secura SFP-50DSC French Press has an interesting design. You will definitely like these smooth and polished convex walls. All components are easy to disassemble, and they are suitable for the dishwasher.

In the Jura Impressa C60 Piano Black review, you will learn about a fantastic espresso machine that amazes users with functions and capabilities for creating fantastic drinks.

  • Excellent shock and drop resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Keeps beverages warm for a long time
  • Takes up little space
  • Large volume of 50 ounces
  • The parts are dishwasher safe
  • Comparatively good price
  • Compactness
  • Troublesome plunger dipping is possible
  • Stainless steel can affect the taste of the coffee

Best Secura Stainless Steel French Coffee Press in 2020 (Unavailable Now)

ReviewNameSizeIncluded accessoriesDishwasher safe
Secura SFP-34DST-EAM34 oz3-layered stainless steel filter;
2 stainless steel screens

Secura SFP-34DST-EAM with 2 Extra Screens

Secura French Press Coffee Makers Review (2021) (7)

This model is also made of 18/10 stainless steel, which is a big plus, compared to the French presses made by some other brands. A capacity of 34 ounces (1000 ml) allows you to use this device not only at home but also in the office. Just like other French presses of this brand, Secura SFP-34DST-EAM has a double-walled construction. It retains the heat of the drink more effectively. The device is equipped with a 3-layered filter system and comes with three bonus stainless steel screens. By connecting two or more screens, you can achieve an exquisite and rich taste of your favorite drink.

Take care of your hands. Safety touch guarantee reliability and convenience during the spill by the Cool touch handle. All parts of the coffee maker are adapted to the dishwasher.

Take a look at the design. It is stringent, exquisite, and impressive. This Secura model has many positive reviews, which indicates a high quality of the product.

  • 2 extra screens
  • The best shock and drop resistance
  • An interesting design
  • Keeps the drink warm for a long time
  • Perfect for two people
  • The parts are dishwasher safe
  • Good price
  • Troublesome plunger dipping is possible
  • Some issues with a handle may occur


If you have never used such an appliance before – do not worry. Many people before buying look for the necessary information about the product, and to make it easier for you we’ve gathered answers to the main questions in the following section.

Where Is French Press from Secura Made?

The Secura brand is made in North America. Their products are small appliances for the kitchen, health, sport and beauty. This company has been among the top sales leaders ? in many large chain stores for many years.

How to Use Secura French Press?

Secura French Press Coffee Makers Review (2021) (8)

Using the French press for making coffee will take you about 10 minutes . The next steps will help you learn how to use a French press and get the purest and most saturated coffee aroma:

  • Bring water to a boil. Optimum water temperature is 195-200 F.
  • Grind the needed amount of beans.
  • Measure the right quantity of the coffee grounds (approximately one scoop for every 4 ounces of water) into the French press.
  • Pour in the required amount of water ? from the kettle and close the lid.
  • After 4 minutes, stir the coffee with a spoon. Cover with a plunger (do not push down!) and leave for another 5-6 minutes.
  • Slowly lower the plunger.
  • Transfer the drink to a pot or a pitcher immediately to interrupt the extraction. It is important to remember that despite that the plunger is lowered, the beverage continues to brew. This can lead to over-extraction and bitterness in the cup, if not transferred.

Done! Now you can enjoy the taste of your favorite drink.

Do you want to transform your kitchen into a small coffee house? DeLonghi EC702 espresso maker review describes a delightful coffee machine, that works just like a professional barista.

What Kind of Coffee to Use for Secura French Press?

The peculiarity of the French press is that you don’t need to choose a specific variety of coffee beans. Any kind is suitable for brewing a delicious, rich drink. But in order to make a truly special coffee, you need to know a few secrets:

  • It is a good idea to add some spices to your favorite kind of coffee.
  • Grind coffee beans coarsely. If you don’t feel like wasting time grinding, you can purchase ground coffee of medium roast.

The taste of the beverage depends on the freshness and quality of the beans used.

Where to Buy ? Secura French Press Coffee Maker?

Unfortunately, there are no sales on the official website, but it’s the best place to find the product information and instructions. But don’t worry. There are many offline and online stores in the USA where you can view or buy Secura French press. Mostly, these are major stores such as Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, and others.


The French press is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen for true connoisseurs of aromatic, strong and invigorating beverages. This device will help you feel the full sophistication of the flavor of the well-brewed coffee drink.

An amazing feature of the French press is that you get the full aroma of coffee grounds, which you cannot usually get with electric espresso machines.

And remember that you can always experiment – try different coffee beans, add your favorite spices, reduce the brewing time.


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